This is maximum used grades of General purpose applications. Like , consumer , packaging , appliances markets etc.


MEDICAL Industry has given a revolutionary changes for TPEs. TPE has now become the important parts of medical products. like, I V sets, syringe gaskets, dropper bulb, blood collection cap, euro cap, stopper, face mask etc.


Now a days TPEs are getting Brand name in Automobile Industry, with replacing max. Rubber applications along with pvc+nbr. Like- Bike Blinker, lamp holder, profiles , and many interior parts.

Wire & Cable

This is the new industry in India for TPEs cables like FR cable, HFFR cable, high tensile strength cable and also custom based cables.


TPEs has given the new life in packaging industry. Every packaging needs flexible with strength. Food packaging and closures typically needs excellent sealing, low extrudable and long shelf life in addition.