What is a Polypropylene?

One of the fastest growing applications in polymers divisions. Multiprene Internationals manufactures a wide range of Reinforced Polypropylene compounds. Polypropylene modified by the additions of such as Talc, Calcium, Mica and Glass Fibre has enabled it to establish itself as a metal substitute in engineering applications.

Solutions of alloys, blends of preferred base polymers with hybrid technology and using advanced reaction process technique. Multiprene Internationals has wide range of grades with fine tuned properties are offered for end use applications.

Benefits of polypropylene

Polypropylene is available in Homopolymer for general use and Copolymer, where higher impact qualities are required. Colors of polypropylene includes natural, black and grey. The black and grey pigments have better UV qualities as well as additional UV package can be added for outdoor use. Polypropylene is also available in a flame retardant grade. It is USDA approved and meets FDA requirements for food contact